domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Do you hear me? Talking to you across the water,across the deep blue ocean, under the open sky oh my, baby im trying.
Boy i hear you in my dreams, I feel your whisper across the sea, I keep you with me in my heart you make it easier when life gets hard.Lucky im in love with my best friend,Lucky to have been where i have been, Lucky to be coming home again.They dont know how long it takes waiting for a love like this, Every time we say goodbye, i wish we had one more kiss ill wait for you, i promise you i will.And so im sailing through the sea to an island where well meet, you'll hear the music fill the air ill put a flower in your hair, though the breezes through the trees, move so pretty, you're all i see as the world keeps spinning round you hold me right here right now ♥

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